South Jersey tax preparation and bookkeeping

Taxes done without changing out of your pajamas.

Taxes Stink, so let’s do it right the first time! Based in NJ and serving clients nationwide.

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  • Fully remote, or at my Blackwood, NJ office
  • Two-week turnaround (typical)
  • Cost-effective tax prep and bookkeeping

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Services offered

Tax preparation

You focus on making money, I’ll make sure you keep as much of it as possible. I’ll give you the personal attention you need for your specific tax situation and save you hours of research and corrective action if there are mistakes. And with 100% remote filing, you don’t even need to get dressed!


Time spent keeping your books is time you could be growing your business! Do you need help establishing your LLC or S-Corp? Looking for monthly reconciliation and reports? Submitting your quarterly tax payment? I can help. I’ll take your shoebox of receipts, or existing database, and make it accurate and efficient.

What my clients say

  • He found deductions we weren't aware of.

    Like most people, we started doing our taxes on Turbo Tax, but we owed thousands!! So we went to Mike, and he found deductions we weren't aware of and ended up GETTING us thousands back!! We are especially grateful for that in this economy! He was professional, thorough, and processed our return quickly! We will definitely use Mike in the years to come!

    Jessica Bruno

    Sewell, NJ

  • You can't beat having your returns prepared from the comfort of your home!

    I highly recommend Mike. I've known him for over 20 years, and he's honest, respectable, professional, and down-to-earth. He's prepared my tax returns for 4 years and an Estate tax return for a deceased loved one. His schedule is flexible, and his prices are the fairest around. You can't beat having your returns prepared from the comfort of your home! Call him - you won't be sorry!

    Terrie Deckert Mangiaracina

    Washington Township, NJ

  • Mike eliminated the inconvenience we found with other tax preparers.

    We've had our taxes prepared by others, but it was inconvenient and expensive. We've also prepared them using H&R Block Online but we were never sure we answered the questions correctly. We worried we were missing deductions or credits. Having Mike prepare our taxes eliminated the inconvenience we found with other tax preparers and the stress of being unsure of what we were doing!

    Dot & Charles Metzger

    Cinnaminson, NJ

Call 856-258-7440 or
email [email protected] to get started.

Working with me

  • Step 1: Schedule

    Call me to reserve a place on my calendar. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about the process.

  • Step 2: Documentation

    Provide copies of your tax documents either electronically or in person. I’ll call you if I have questions about your situation.

  • Step 3: Review & Sign

    I'll review your return with you (by phone or in person) and email you a draft copy to review and sign.

  • Step 4: File

    I'll electronically file your signed return with the Internal Revenue Service and the appropriate State agency.

About me

I’m a 2001 Graduate of Rutgers University. I’ve been a Mortgage Originator, Loan Processor, Financial Consultant, Credit Counselor and Tax Advisor.

Like you, I’d rather spend my hard-earned money on my family than give it to the government. I offer expert service at a fair price, because somebody has to look out for us! Your success is MY success.

Mike and his family on a roller coaster, Mike in the foreground, and his wife and son in the car behind him.

Common questions

  • Must I visit the office for tax preparation?

    No! Once we’ve talked and your time is reserved on my calendar, I have a simple process:

    1. Upload or email documents to me. (You can drop them off in-person too, if you really want!)
    2. We’ll resolve any questions via email or telephone and prepare your return.
    3. I’ll review your return with you (by phone or in person) and email you a draft copy to review and sign.
    4. I’ll electronically submit your signed return to the IRS and appropriate State agency.
  • What documents do you need to prepare my tax return?

    The complete list will depend on your personal situation, but these are the most common ones I will need:

    • Social security numbers and birthdays for you, your spouse, and any dependents.
    • W-2 forms from all employers
    • 1099 forms for freelance or contract income
    • Forms for any other types of income, such as interest, dividends, or rental properties.
    • Receipts for deductible expenses, such as tuition payments, business expenses, charitable contributions, or medical expenses.
    • Documentation of any retirement contributions.
    • Housing expenses, such as mortgage interest or property taxes.
    • Records of estimated tax payments (typically for freelance/contract income).
  • What’s the benefit of hiring you to prepare my tax return?

    Thanks to all the confusing rules and regulations, preparing a tax return can be complex and time-consuming. Is it a good use of your time? There are several benefits to hiring me to prepare your tax return instead:

    • I have the training and expertise to make sure it’s accurate and complete.
    • I can help you take advantage of deductions or credits (e.g. getting back as much as legally allowed).
    • You don’t need to spend hours Googling how to interpret IRS instructions.

    Hiring me to prepare your tax return will save you both stress, and likely more money than you’ll spend.

  • Can you help me file an extension?

    Of course! I’ll help you file the Form 4868 before the filing deadline. Be aware that an extension for your return, doesn’t extend when any tax payment is due. As a result, I might recommend making a tax payment along with the extension request. Contact me to talk about your situation and see what makes sense.

Call 856-258-7440 or
email [email protected] to get started.